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Feric Feng is an Artist and one of the most interesting Conceptual designers in fabulous of film, & animation projects. His highly acclaimed illustrative style is surreal and beautiful, blending East and West, past and present, natural and mechanical. Hovering between fantasy and reality, interwoven with natural and mechanical beings, Feric Publishes “Fevolution” Art collection is about infinite evolutionary possibilities. Feric’s translucent layers provide a window on both the clarity and complexity hidden below the surface of his hybrid creations. 

His artwork was featured in National Design Museum NY, SJMA, AIGA, Graphis, and American Illustration, Also His animation “ Inside Out” has been shown at Holland International Animation Festival, the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and the NYEXPO Festival, among others. 

Feric earned a B.F.A degree in FIlm/ Animation from the School of Visual Arts, New York. In 2005, Feric also graduated from Yale school of arts with a M.F.A design degree under the support of separate fellowships. 

Feric Founded fevolution innovation. working as Conceptual designer & leads his team that creating holistic visual solutions for clients across disciplines. Passionate about finding the best tools to execute content-driven visuals, he works as a creative partner in all aspects branding, bringing visual identities to life through thoughtfully traditional and digital implementations.

During past few years, the project Feric was working on are deeply Involved VR/AR & Game designs – Clients include: IBM, Microsoft, Business Week, Wired magazine, Dell, Nike, BP, Miu Miu, Yoox, Dreamworks, Disney, SK II & ESPN , Square-enix and more.

He is currently working on ‘OOL’ – Experimental virtual Life Project. 

A written Confession

Design is not only a game, but also a tool by deconstructing the concept. It needs to be destroyed in a creative way. The structure of the objects would emerge by breaking up and reconstruct themselves. New possibilities and values would be found out through the process of reconstruction. Compare the new model being reconstructed and the original one. A discussion would occur upon the topic. The discussion is open-minded and public. This is the core stone of the design. This is the core value of design.

And so. If they are all lies, why not make an effort? If they are all lies, why not step outside the world of make-believe and say something else. Design shows a package ability in term of the vision. Design combines different concepts and reveal them in the same visual style. I package myself and my work in this way again and again. But in truth, I feel these theories are unnecessary.

All theories are false, when you don¡ıt agree with them. Lies can be sensible, and become real when endorsed. Theory for me is a tool to convince the an audience. But it is not the basis of my creations. It is a pervasive misconception that the best design is simple, even simplistic. I don¡ıt believe design is simplistic.Designers apply fabulous methodology onto the content of the design. I built up my original design content based on a eastern philosophy emptiness using methodologies as grid systems. Those methodologies could be imagined as a cage of pure imagination process. The concept of the design is organic. The style of the design is always against the formal rule. You don¡ıt need reasons for everything. I always believe design evolves naturally. But these are all fabrications. When I explain myself plausibly and describe my real process, I often feel guilt-ridden. I have a whole range of different methods to embellish.

This string of pretext, take on its own life. Forms its own structure, story, world. I begin to believe my own make-believe. I research, concoct theories, gather relevant (or irrelevant) material to back up these deceptions. Dispute illogical reasoning. Debate explanations.Maybe I have multiply personalities. But I insist that design is alive, organic, and will be changed on the go according to its environment. One third of my time is spent designing. Two thirds of my time is spent justifying my work. Making up theories. After the fact. I lie. And then lie to hide the cover up. And lie again.

Designers apply elaborate methodology to content. I invent content based on an eastern philosophy of emptiness. Methodologies can be imagined as a cage for pure imagination. Design is organic and methodology is a structure against which design plays.

–Feric Feng, 2017